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Install Helakuru on your mobile and computer to type in Sinhala

Many residents of Sri Lanka these days make positive changes in their routine life and use every opportunity to achieve their goals one after another. They get loads of favourable things from the most modern communication technologies, mobile gadgets and Internet. Even though they use apps in mobiles and programs in their computers, they rely on the foreign language English. They seek when they can type in their mother-tongue, Sinhala. They can make their dream come true. This is because Bhasha Lanka Pvt Ltd has successfully designed and developed the software Helakuru. Every reader of an unbiased review about this application software seeks how to helakuru install on their personal computer, Smartphone and tablet.

Download and install Helakuru

Helakuru app is available in the android app store Google Playstore and iOS App Store iTunes. If you use an Android mobile or iOS mobile, then you access the Playstore or iTunes right now and do the following.

  • Type in Helakuru Sinhala Keyboard in the search box
  • Click Download
  • Wait until the app completely downloading on your device
  • Once downloaded, Auto Install option enables this app gets installed on your device

A simple method to helakuru install nowadays encourages everyone who understands and ensures about how to get loads of benefits from this keyboard. This modern app supports both Smart Phonetic & Wijesekara keyboard layouts for Sinhala and intelligent word predictions for English and Sinhala.

All users of this app conveniently use it and confidently recommend it to other. The user-friendly design of this app supports its users to give both English and Sinhala as input and switch between these two languages by using the Global key.

Attractive features

Sinhala Word Predictions in the Helakuru app supports its users type Sinhala words in one two taps. Users of this app immediately choose a list of predicted words while typing. They enhance overall approach for typing. The self-learning nature of this Helakuru word prediction function automatically saves new words locally in the device.

There is a theme store in this app with eye-catching keyboard themes. You can explore all these themes one after another and choose any theme or create your own theme by using colors and background image. The smart phonetic layout is available default in this app.

The translation based Sinhala phonetic layout helps a lot to people who are not familiar with Sinhala typing.  You can type in Singlish like “amma” as you do while typing the SMS. As a result, this keyboard layout gives you the maximum comfort and 100% satisfaction.

Many people who are familiar with standard Wijesekara keyboard layout can use such keyboard with the Helakuru app. They have to press the Settings icon on this keyboard and enable smart Wijesekara layout almost immediately.

Smart Wijesekara keyboard layout includes standard Wijesekara keyboard layout in normal and shifted modes. There are sanyaka characters accessible in the long tap mode. This long tap mode makes it smart for mobile users who love convenient typing every time.

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